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Where in the World is Kim Kardashian?


[image via Celebuzz]

  • The perfectly manicured head that grows out of the Most Famous Ass in the World, known to most as Kim Kardashian, has been making the rounds in the Middle East recently to, uh… we aren’t really sure. Sell something? Promote stuff? Whatever she’s doing, she’s in Kuwait now and will be in Bahrain later.
  • Zac Efron caught a flight out of LAX Airport in Los Angeles yesterday. No word as to where he was jetting off to, but one can assume that when he lands there will be a screaming crowd of female fans ready to toss their bras in his general direction at a moment’s notice.
  • Everyone’s favorite pint-sized hunk (besides Efron) Josh Hutcherson joined his costar Jennifer Lawrence in Maui, Hawaii to continue shooting the second film in the Hunger Games trilogy. The shoot took place on the beach, so enjoy ogling his shirtless torso. Hey, it’s Friday – live a little!



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