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Where in the World is Ricky Martin?


[image via E! Online]

  • When I take long flights, I come off the plane looking like someone has thrown a bucket of McDonald’s french fry grease at my face on laundry day. When Ricky Martin takes long flights, like the one he just took to Australia, he emerges looking like some sort of Puerto Rican Athena sprung from the belly of an iron eagle.
  • I still do not care about Rita Ora, who she is, what she does, or why people are still trying to make her famous, but the wannabe Rihanna recently stopped in Glasgow, UK to a crowd of screaming fans – which is newsworthy because Rita Ora apparently has enough “fans” to constitute a crowd.
  • Kristin Chenoweth, generally regarded by all who are familiar with her as a harmless sprite of a woman, was verbally accosted by an American Airlines staffer before boarding a flight from Dallas to Los Angeles recently. Apparently, Chenoweth needs the emotional support of a canine friend on flights and the airline didn’t believe she had filled out the appropriate paperwork for a “guide dog.” Poor, sweet, miniature Kristin.



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