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Teleport Anywhere With MapCrunch


One of our main goals at Travel Freak is to make you feel like you’re traveling the world even though you’re just sitting at your desk. While we do it primarily with words, innovative site MapCruch accomplishes this by teleporting you random places across the globe.

Virtually, of course.

By using the immense catalog of places contained in Google Street Views, MapCrunch allows you to discover places you probably never knew existed at the click of a button. You can filter where you want the site to randomly take you based on continent, country, or type of view (urban, inside, etc.), or you can leave it all up to chance like we did. Here’s a list of our first ten random teleports:

1. The Eden Project in Cornwall, England
2. A sleepy road in Galicia, Spain
3. A highway rest stop in the Czech Republic
4. An apartment complex in Singapore
5. A verdant field in Latvia
6. A cute little house in Holland
7. A very Mediterranean-looking farm in Israel
8. A traffic jam in Taiwan
9. The middle of absolutely nowhere in Botswana
10. The Australian Outback

If you absolutely love the place you’ve stumbled upon you can click the “My Map” button in the navigation bar to share the location with your friends or save it to your bucket list of future travel destinations. Think of it like falling into a completely visual Wikihole.

Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla has a nice little walkthrough of MapCruch in the video below, but it’s pretty self explanatory if you have any idea how to use the Internet. So go ahead, get lost in your computer for an hour or five.




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