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#Travel Tag Roundup 2/27: Windmills & Vacation Sex


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Location: Holland
Instagram User: phyllispietz1

via @TravelJunkieID - Sex on vacation can be fun, however the sex tourism industry in Indonesia between Western men and “girls, boys, and ladyboys” is just depressing.

via @WeekendInParis - I once ordered a cupcake in Paris when I was living there, and the woman behind the counter glared and handed me a macaron instead as a form of rebellion against the Americanization of French patisseries or something. According to this review of the cupcake-heavy Paris Tweet-Up for travel bloggers, things have changed.

via @EatTravelRepeat - Also while living in Paris, I spent $3,000 over the course of one month because YOLO. Had I known about these tips to automate a travel budget into my funds, I probably would have returned home a richer man.

via @TravelingTeri - But enough with the negativity, let’s perk things up a bit with this inspirational post entitled “15 Ways to Live, and Not Merely Exist.” Big smiles, everyone!



  1. Paris has thankfully evolved just a bit and has embraced American cupcakes. Pastry chefs in Paris who make them are, however, mostly American setting up shops as expats. I suspect many French sneak in for a treat and hide this act they way American men visit strip clubs – in secret.
    Look for more info on French cupcakes in future posts. Thanks for the mention.

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