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Hawaii Stress: No Such Thing (Or Very Little of it)


Recent polls have indicated what the most and least stressed states in the United States are. Could you have guessed that an island state surrounded by beaches, beauty, and potheads happens to be number 1 in the least stressed category? Well guess what, there ain’t no stress like Hawaii stress because there ain’t a lot of it to go around.┬áThe working title for the is article was simply “No Sh*t”.

Actually, despite all the surf and luaus, about 1/3 of Hawaii’s residents are still stressed? Why? They’re American adults dummy, it’s not like this crap ain’t easy. But Hawaii’s 32.1% of stressed citizens is still quite low compared to the rest of the country. The least-stressed runner-up, Louisiana, comes in at 37.6%. That 5% differential must account for time spent passed out on the beach. So congrats Hawaii, we hope you sincerely enjoy your carefree spot on the top of the Gallup poll for the past 5 years. We’ll let you enjoy it until a volcano erupts and we get to see how chill you are covered in lava.

Least Stressed States

hawaii seal

Hawaii 32.1%
Louisiana 37.6%
Mississippi 37.9%
Iowa 38.1%
Wyoming 38.6%


Most Stressed States

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West Virginia 47.1%
Rhode Island 46.3%
Kentucky 44.8%
Utah 44.6%
Massachusetts 43.4%



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