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Scoot Airline Adds Child-free “Quiet Zone” but We Don’t Really See How it’s Going To Help



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It is no secret that crying children on planes are one of the most annoying things in the world. It is just one of those things we have to deal with like long lines and waiting for elevators.

Scoot Airlines, a budget Singapore airline is trying to alleviate the problem a bit by offering four rows of  ”quiet zone” seating where no one under the age of 12 can have a seat booked. The rows will also have about four inches of extra leg room, but the seats have a few of $18 tacked onto them. Scoot isn’t the first airline to add “quiet zones,” AirAsia did the same thing earlier this year. Malaysia Airlines banned infants from first class in 2011. So this idea isn’t really anything new.

Here are the problems we see with the idea: 1) parents are obviously going to be upset and 2) how well does this exactly work?

Scoot Airlines Quiet zone

People are going to be upset that they can’t sit in a certain area of a plane because they are flying with someone who can’t see PG-13 movies without parental supervision yet, but it is only five rows so that is pretty much a non-issue. We are just really curious as to how well “quiet zones” keep things quiet. Maybe no one has noticed but planes are pretty small. It is one big room with no sound proof walls or partitions. First class and coach are usually only separated by a small curtain. So what is keeping the zone “quiet”? The whole problem is that children are loud. Really loud. We’re sorry but it does not matter where you are on the plane, if a baby’s ears are popping and they are uncomfortable, you are going to know. It is kind of like when restaurants used to have smoking sections. A valiant effort in theory but in actual execution the entire restaurant still smelled like smoke and everyone was bothered by it.

We are interested in seeing if this will become a popular trend for airlines now. And if it will actually alleviate any problems. Until then, we recommend some decent headphones, a killer playlist, and a little extra travel patience.

Would you ever sit in a quiet zone?






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