3 American Wine Regions to Visit This Fall

3 American Wine Regions to Visit This Fall


The other day as I was polishing off a 3 liter box of pinot grigio on a smelly bus back home from Boston, I thought¬†slurred to myself, “Gosh, I really love wine.” You can understand my excitement, then, upon finding this video about three lesser-known American wine regions to visit this fall. Niche travel destinations that offer the opportunity to have a continuous Chardonnay buzz while touring them? Sign me up!

As Away.com’s Amanda Lukoff points out in the clip below, there are several quality wine regions across the United States that many people don’t even know about. This is fairly shocking, since all three of the vineyards that Lukoff talks about are only miles away from major cities like Portland, San Antonio, and Washington, DC.

Of the three regions mentioned in the video, I’d say the best bet is Loudoun County in Virginia. There are over 200 wineries in the area producing several different varieties of vino, and the best part is that it’s only a short ride away from Dulles International Airport so you could technically get in and get out during a long, drunken layover.

Pro tip: sneak some wine in a portable container for your bus ride back to the airport from the vineyard. I swear, it will feel so much less sad once you’ve finished the bottle.

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  1. You are righty there are some excellent vinyards acrosds the USA
    These new age wines are thriving in what has become a highly competative market
    I also purchase the 3 litre boxes,though drinking all of it renders me a little tipsy

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