3 Ways to Flirt With Fellow Passengers on Virgin Flights

3 Ways to Flirt With Fellow Passengers on Virgin Flights


Sir Richard Branson has done some pretty badass things in his life, including (but not limited to) racing around the world in a hot air balloon and purchasing private islands on which Kate Winslet can show off her superhero skills. But all of his many stunts pale in comparison to greatest invention, the in-flight Virgin Airlines entertainment system, which has several features that help passengers meet, interact, and get frisky.

For all you Virgin virgins who have never experienced the wonder of this system, let us explain how easy it is to flirt with your fellow passengers:

1. Send a drink to the object of your in-flight affection

To get the ball rolling on your cabin courtship, take advantage of Virgin’s newest entertainment app that allows you to order cocktails for anyone on your flight and have them delivered directly to their seat. All you have to do is browse the extensive menu for the perfect libation, select the seat number of the lucky recipient, and voila – a flight attendant will sashay over to the stranger like a bunny-eared bartender at the Playboy Club.

We’ll let Sir Richard explain further:

[youtube id=”oOrEmHG5NvE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

2. Tell them sweet nothings using the seat-to-seat chat feature

Once you’ve exchanged knowing glances with your selected across-the-aisle cutie, engage them using the seat-back screen’s chat function. At this point you’re both probably a little sauced, so conversation should flow naturally. Just don’t get overexcited and try to send pics of your junk – it’s in poor taste, and air marshals generally frown upon it.

3. Invite them over to your seat and open up a tab

Have you fallen in love with your fellow passenger over the Internet and want to make this cyber date a little more physical? Wave them over to your seat for a more intimate cocktail hour. Virgin allows you to keep an open tab when you order beverages, so you can wow your new “friend” with your wealth and make the rest of the drinks on you. Just be careful: if turbulence hits when your sky date is sitting on your lap, your pants will probably get wet… from the drink spilling, of course.



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