3 Ways to Get Wasted On Texas Independence Day

3 Ways to Get Wasted On Texas Independence Day


Drinking holidays are just as important to the human condition as the economy, education, and good health. And let’s be honest, there just aren’t enough Fridays, Saturdays, and Super Bowls in the year to feel sufficiently hammered. So what’s to be done? Find another reason. That’s what Texas does.

March 2nd is Texas Independence Day, the glorious day in history when Texas broke away from Mexico and became it’s own republic. Remember the Alamo? It’s cool, no one outside of Texas does either. It’s really a holiday of minimal significance and more of an excuse to get blitzed*, so we’re rounding up three Texas-style cocktails to give everyone the chance to celebrate. Because if there’s one thing Texas loves, it’s thinking they know what’s best for the good ol’ USA.

1) Texas Tea
2 oz. each of vodka, rum, tequila, bourbon, triple sec, and Coca-Cola

texas teavia

Essentially a Long Island Iced Tea, but with bourbon. Because why the hell not.


2) Texas Rose
3 oz. Champagne, 1 dash cherry liqueur, 2 oz. orange juice, 1 oz. bourbon

texas rosevia

AKA how to get a girl from UT back to your apartment.


3) Texas Tornado
Equal parts of Southern Comfort, pineapple juice, and Sprite

texas tornadovia

A great beverage to enjoy on the beach. Or on a hot day while patrolling the border.

*You heard me, you longhorn-loving wusses. Come and get me.



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