6 Beauty Secrets From Around the World

6 Beauty Secrets From Around the World


This post originally appeared on Bite Size Wellness and is republished here with permission.

It is said that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Everyone fantasizes about what they don’t have, but don’t you worry. Our world is so interconnected that just about anything can be available to you at anytime.

But, what about beauty? Do you drool over shiny luscious hair or flawless skin of women across the globe? Unfortunately you can’t download the latest hairstyle, or print out your perfect makeover, but you can look to places like Bite Size Wellness to give you the inside scoop on beauty tips from around the world.

While reading through these beauty secrets remember: Someone, somewhere across the world is probably wishing they looked like YOU.

Now that we are all confident and beautiful, here are some international beauty tips for you to use wherever you homeland is:

1. Ageless Skin

Our tour starts in China where women have the secret to ageless skin. They use rice water to cleanse their skin and the antioxidants in the water help to keep your skin vibrant. Do this at home by soaking rice in water, and then applying the water to your face.

2. Hair Hydration

Argan oil from trees that grow in Morocco can be used to hydrate, smooth and restore the shine of your hair. Dropping a bit of the oil on your brush can help distribute it evenly throughout your hair and make it look fabulous.

3. Make your Eyes Pop

Mixing ash with almond butter to use as eye liner called kajal has been a secret from India for centuries. Originally, this was used to help women see despite the sun glaring into their eyes, but now this beauty tip has stuck around to help make your eyes pop.

4. Pores No More

Let’s move on to the beaches of Costa Rica. Making a solution of equal parts orange juice and water and rubbing it on your face with a cotton ball temporarily shrinks pores for when you want to look your best.

5. Manicures with the French

Do your nails ever have a little hint of yellow when taking off your nail polish? This is because oxygen is getting blocked from reaching your nails due to the coating. French women soak their fingers in warm water and lemon juice in between polishes to make the yellow disappear.

6. Nourishing Muddy Minerals

One of Israel’s many famous sites is the Dead Sea. Apparently, the mud from here is so nourishing with minerals that women use it to cleanse their face and body. Of course you don’t have to fly all the way to Israel to get some of their wisdom. Mineral mud can be bought online!

Know of any other beauty secrets from around the world? Share your secrets here!

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