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Infographic: Your African Bucket List


We’ve talked before about how 1) we would love to go to Africa someday and 2) how much it bothers us when people lump all of Africa into one general area as if it were a single country instead of a vastly diverse continent, so this infographic detailing one’s hypothetical “African bucket list” fills us with both excitement and disdain. We would have renamed the entire thing “Southeast African Bucket List” and called it a day, but we suck at using photoshop so we’ll all just have to live with it.

Regardless of our qualms with the ignorant naming, we have to admit that everything included on this list sounds like something we need to do before we die and go to hell. All of the experiences that involve animals are especially interesting to us, because we tend to care more about the welfare of our four legged friends more than that of most people.

If you have a bucket list already and it doesn’t contain one of these list items, you should first be ashamed of yourself and then make some hasty corrections. Because, although Africa is a big place with myriad activities to experience, everyone should have at least one African bullet on their dream travel list.



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