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Road Trip to American Cities with International Names


Anyone who reads this site would probably love the chance to tour the globe in a round-the-world trip. Unfortunately, many of you probably don’t have the means to do so at this juncture, and maybe never will. It’s cool, because neither do we. So in lieu of buying a one-way ticket out of the US to visit great cities like Venice, Paris, and Florence, consider visiting the American cities that share their names.

Anyone with a jalopy and some pocket change can pay a visit to the numerous American cities with international names like Odessa, Texas or Lebanon, Ohio, because they are decidedly more lowbrow than their worldly counterparts and therefore much, much cheaper. For instance, Zurich, Kansas only has 99 inhabitants, which means if you want to stay the night you can probably just find a kindly elderly couple who’ll let you crash on their davenport.

Unfortunately for those of you looking for a taste of global culture on this road trip, these American cities with international names are not really representative of their namesakes. In fact, they seem almost intensely¬†American – Florence, Oregon is apparently known for blowing up a whale to feed local seagulls, and the main event in Lebanon, Pennsylvania is the dropping of a gigantic bologna on New Year’s Eve. If those aren’t two of the most American things you’ve ever heard, you must be new here.

Click on the infographic below to see a larger version and read all about your potential road trip around international America:

international american road tripvia Slate

image via fourwheeler.com



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