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Beach Getaways for your Mid-Winter Crisis


Freezing cold snowy New York making you miserable? Feel like the winter will just never end? Sick of the sun setting at 4:30? Well, then it sounds like you could use a little pick-me-up (and I’m not talking about a Starbucks peppermint mocha). Take a break for winter and go to the beach! What’s that? You think it’s too expensive? My friends, you have clearly been looking in the wrong places! Take a chance and venture beyond the Hilton and other well known American hotel chains and get a truly local experience that won’t break the bank. Just make sure to pack your sun screen.

1. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

puerto viejo costa rica


I can speak from experience that Costa Rica is one of the most friendly, relaxing, beautiful countries on this planet. Take a short plane ride to Puerto Viejo and stay in one of the many beach-side bungalows (around 85$/night) to experience breathtaking beaches, awesome South American food and soak in some rays.

2. Tulum, Mexico



Again, speaking from experience, Tulum is beautiful at this time of the year. Not too muggy, no mosquitos and the beach is just perfect. It’s worthy to note that the people are exceptionally nice as well! Tulum is close to Cancun, but skip all the touristy stuff and absorb some local flavors. Check out Dos Ceibas which has rates for $60/night.

3. Bahia, Brazil



Beautiful beaches, awesome weather, and an amazing (and affordable) place to stay. Dodge Rio in order to experience Brazil’s Bahia which boasts magnificent palm trees, golden sand, and the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted. Stay at Pousada Sage Point for only $108/night and get great service, a spacious room and all the creature comforts you could want!

Where do you dream of going in the middle of winter?



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