12 Beautiful Vintage Travel Posters

12 Beautiful Vintage Travel Posters [For Real and Fictional Destinations]


Nothing sparks the travel bug like a good vintage travel poster. The color, the art, the nostalgia factor. They have everything. Something about those colorful slightly outdated posters just makes you want to get on the next flight out of here. Well, at least for us. Why they ever stopped doing basic travel posters like they did in the 1960s, for example, is lost on us. One of the big wigs in travel poster design in the 1960s was David Klein. His art is awesome and expands to more than just travel.

If there is one thing we love more than vintage travel posters for real locations, it is vintage travel posters for fictional locations. The only bad thing about them is we can’t actually go there. We have made it pretty clear how much we wish we could vacation in fictional places¬†and these beautiful pieces of art make us want to even more. From the Quidditch World Cup to the forest planet of Endor, there seems to be a poster for everything.

The internet has done a good job of compiling these posters so we sifted through them and picked our favorites. Seriously though, if anyone knows where we can buy some of the fictional locations as prints, please let us know. We need them all.

(photos via Buzzfeed)

Vintage-Paris-Travel-Poster Vintage New York City Travel Poster TWa Vintage London Travel Poster TWA Vintage Norway Travel Poster Vintage Australian Travel Poster



(photos via Buzzfeed)

Vintage Inspired Wonderland Travel Poster

Vintage Inspired Neverland Travel Poster Vintage Inspired Quidditch World Cup Travel Poster Vintage Inspired Endor Travel Poster Vintage Inspired Overlook Hotel Travel Poster Vintage Inspired Oz Travel Poster

Where do these posters make you want to run away to?



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