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The Spring Break 25, Round 2: South America


Spring break – the one week of sunshine dedicated to the end of the winter hibernation and ringing in the gorgeous spring and summer months. Travelfreak knows that spring break is something to be taken seriously, since it presents an excellent and much-needed travel opportunity. To help with the bevy of choices, we’re rounding up 25 known and not-so-known destinations that can be found on 5 different parts of the planet. 

5 Best Spring Break Destinations in South America

Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Buenos Aires is rich with nightlife, beaches, and Latin spiciness, but what makes it attractive is it’s affordability. With an influx of spring breakers, the all-night parties get louder and more rambunctious. A good choice for soaking up South American culture and cheap tequila.


Isla Margarita, Venezuela


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A very relaxed alternative to the North American fare. There’s not a ton to do on Isla Margarita outside of enjoying the breathtaking scenery and beaches – but drinking in colonial villages does have it’s charm. All the beaches are open to the public (even the snooty luxury ones), the water’s clear and ideal for bodysurfing, and it isn’t hard to do the trip on the cheap.


Cartagena, Colombia


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Cartagena is a good travel choice for avoiding masses of bodies and puddles of vomit. It’s an old city becoming upscale and looking to get the attention it deserves with a vibrant nightlife and array of beaches. There’s also a ton of history strewn throughout the colonial villages and old, intact dungeons.


Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

galapagos islands

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Galapagos is usually cruise ship fare, but since those have a tendency to stop dead in the middle of the ocean, the islands make for an excellent alternative spring break choice. Programs to help with the conservationist effort is always looking for eager participants, so why not do something productive instead of drinking into oblivion all week? …Don’t answer that.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

rio de janeiro spring break

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Of course Rio, the “Vegas” choice of South America. It’s one of the world’s most, if not the most beautiful places to visit. Everyone’s dedicated to good fitness, the beaches are plentiful, and it’s hard to ignore the allure of beautiful people drinking. Rio’s stock is likely to rise in the coming years with the upcoming World Cup and 2016 Olympics, so now might be the time to go.

Looking for something in the Northern Hemisphere? Check out our selections for North America, and come back tomorrow for Round 3 of the Spring Break 25 when we’ll be taking you through our 5 favorite destinations in Europe!



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