Bounce Across an Inflatable Bridge in Paris

Bounce Across an Inflatable Bridge in Paris


Have you ever walked across the Alexandre III bridge in Paris between gold-topped Les Invalides the Grand Palais and thought to yourself “God, I am unimpressed by this beautiful turn of the century walkway!” If so, your ennui-filled promenade could soon be upgraded with the first bouncy inflatable bridge in Paris.

Local design studio AZC has designed the interactive Seine crossing to break up the monotony of the daily urban experience. We all walk from point A to point B, but imagine how much less grinding the daily grind would feel if we bounced between locations on giant elevated trampolines! As Designboom explains it, by noting that the notion of happiness is often linked to nature they recognize that human beings remain nostalgic for and imaginative of a state of primal happiness, of ancestral times when body and spirit were essentially free.” And that means getting mad ups over a river while taking in some urban sightseeing:

inflatable bridge in paris 1

Look at the air those CGI Parisians are getting on this thing! While I must express my concern that the trampoline will launch unwitting pedestrians over the barricades and into the oily Seine, I think it’s pretty clear that a trip across the proposed bridge is worth it for the vertical jump bragging rights alone.

inflatable bridge in paris 2

If constructed, the inflatable bridge in Paris would offer brand new views of the Eiffel Tower and other monuments because, well, you’d be able to see them all upside down.

inflatable bridge in paris 3

Though the inflatable bridge is still in the idea stage, the concept of a functional urban playground is something to consider. What if trampolining was an acceptable mode of transportation for urban walkers in Paris? Visitors would feel a lot more joie de vivre, that’s for sure.

What do you think about the inflatable bridge in Paris? Would you take it for a bounce?

 images via designboom



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