Buy This Now: 5 Best Wall Maps to Track Your Travels

Buy This Now: 5 Best Wall Maps to Track Your Travels


Jumbo World Map Mural | Pottery Barn Kids

jumbo world map mural pottery barn kids

$199 | Purchase

Ignore the fact that this huge wall map is sold by a children’s store and buy it immediately (if you have 200 bucks laying around, of course). At 13 feet wide, ¬†almost 9 feet tall, and with a handy dry-erase surface, this bad boy could turn an entire wall of your abode into an interactive map of your travels. It also comes in eight panels, meaning you can shuffle them up and go all Picasso on the globe if you’re so inclined.

Map Wall Decal | Pottery Barn

wall map decal

$129 | Purchase

Not quite sure why the map from Pottery Barn Kids is more expensive than the one from their regular brand, seeing as kids are terrible monsters who ruin nice things, but whatever. This decal is less practical than the others since it’s only a partial map and all old-timey, but its fanciful vibe will have you aching to do some exploration nonetheless.

Vinyl Wall World Map with Pin Drops | Stickerbrand

vinyl wall world map with pin drops

$50 | Purchase

I’ve never been able to figure out how to use a Drop Pin on my iPhone for anything other than half-assed attempts to get un-lost in the deepest recesses of Brooklyn, so I was thrilled to find this wall map with a much simpler take on the concept. Just hang it up, throw the adhesive pins where you’ve been or want to go, and call it a day.

Atlas Tapestry | Urban Outfitters

atlas tapestry

$39 | Purchase

For those of you worried about ripping all the drywall out in your rented apartment with a huge adhesive map (like I am), Urban Outfitters offers this gigantic fabric map that can be hung with relative ease and a few pushpins. Other uses: bedspread, area rug, and fashionable cape.

Scratch Map | Uncommon Goods

scratch map

 $24 | Purchase

If all the other maps on this list are out of your price range or wouldn’t fit anywhere in your shoe box of a room, don’t fret. This poster-sized map uses the same groundbreaking technology found on the scratch-off lotto tickets your grandma spends her pension on to create a highly entertaining for marking where you’ve been in the world. Try to resist scratching the whole thing off, there are no prizes to be won by doing so.

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