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Buy This Now: Surprisingly Upbeat Photo Book About Plane Crashes


The coverage of plane crashes is usually (and rightfully) fairly bleak, but one photographer has used his artistic vision to capture such wrecks in a decidedly positive light.

Dietmar Eckell’s newest photo project “Happy Ending” celebrates the miraculous moments in aviation history where plane crashes resulted in no fatalities. Instead of being scrapped for their parts, many of these mostly intact planes have been left to dissolve into the rural areas where they landed, creating a surreal image of trauma and survival in some of the world’s wildest landscapes. Eckell’s photos capture 15 of these impressive sites.

According to Eckell, “We hear enough about air disasters in the news so I didn’t feel the need to dramatize that in my photography.” Instead, Eckell wants his work to be about “heroes (the pilots who turned disasters into miracles), destiny (to survive a crash landing and get found in nowhere), time (crashed in seconds and then untouched for decades), space (even majestic airplanes can look lost in vast nature, and ‘the end’ (while most get scrapped in junk yards, these found a place to ‘rest in peace’).”

In order to fund the publication of a book containing these striking images, Eckell set up an Indiegogo campaign that has already accrued $30,000 more than the original goal of $4,000. It’s still running, and the gift for a donation of $59 is a copy of the finished book plus a print of one of the images.

So, if you think a surprisingly upbeat book about aviation disasters would look good on your coffee table, you should totally help out with the crowdfunding. If not, you can still check out Eckell’s amazing shots on Indiegogo and in this video:

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