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Pic of the Day 1/25: Weird Water in Callao


Just a quick update to fill you all in on my main musing today: what the hell is up with this water?

lima peru callao blue water

This is a shot of the port of Callao outside of Lima, and as you can tell by this unaltered photo, there is something very strange about the color and consistency of the water. Sure, it looks pretty in a picture and when you’re standing at safe distance, but c’mon – this shit looks weird.

I’m not sure if it’s the uber-vividness of the turquoise that bothers me or the fact that something traditionally clear is completely opaque, but both of these factors make me assume the Peruvian government isn’t telling us the whole truth about the radiation levels along the Lima coast. Let’s spread that rumor.

I saw a sea lion killing a seagull in this water, though, so we know it can support life enough to make it hungry for bird meat. I imagine if I tried to swim in the water of Callao I’d emerge from my dip with three eyes and thirst for human blood. That, or I’d be transformed into a beautiful shimmering merman – with a thirst for human blood. The¬†bloodthirstiness, as evidenced by the¬†aforementioned seal, would be a constant.

This has been a post inspired by the cabin fever that has set in on this full day at sea. Thank you for humoring me, and I promise I’ll sound less crazy tomorrow after I’ve seen land again.



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