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Celebrating Museum Architecture Around the World


I find it deliciously meta when the outside of a museum is as interesting as the treasures, archives, and general pretty stuff you find inside. Sometimes attempts at achieving this can go terribly wrong, like the addition of I. M. Pei’s three glass pyramids to the historic Louvre which worked to amplify the harshness of the structure with an unnecessarily harsh juxtaposition of old and new. But for the most part, an intriguing shell is like the icing on top of a delicious museum cake – or so to speak (sorry, I’m tired).

Portuguese illustrator André Chiote feels the same, as evidenced by his series of posters honoring diverse museum architecture around the world. I especially enjoy the fact that Chiote chose to highlight places that most people have never even heard of. It’s one think to draw a pretty picture of the Met or the Pompidou, but frankly, it’s been done to death. I want to see posters like these that illuminate a whole new side of world culture that I was previously oblivious to.

Check out a sampling of Chiote’s museum illustrations below, then head over to Fubiz to see the rest and be blown away by how cool a museum can be without even entering.







All images via André Chiote



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