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Coming to London: Cat Cafés


Who has time to take care of pets these days? Everyone loves their animals, but here in New York City, it’s actually possible to make a living out of taking care of someone else’s attention-starved cats and dogs. What’s a prospective pet owner to do in the scowling face of practicality?

Leave it to Japan to once again be the first to come up with a wacky solution. Most apartments located in Osaka weren’t keen on letting their dwellers keep a kitty, so a “cat café” was created where, for a small cover charge, the customer could drink coffee and play with a bunch of friendly felines. Brilliant, right? Cat lovers and lonely people flocked to these cafés as they swept through the country, and now the fad has come ashore in Europe.

image via  blog.sureflap.com

Lauren Pears, a professed crazy cat lady (and likely available, gentlemen), received over £100,000 in donations via Indiegogo to fulfill her dream of opening London’s first ever cat café. The café is expected to be doling out the kitty love within the next few months, and the idea of making it a haven for abandoned cats locked up in London’s shelters has generated positive feedback. There’s already one proven European success in Vienna, Austria called Café Neko, but the kind of press Pears has been receiving will make her spot a more recognizable tourist destination for fuzzy tummy rubs (because, somehow, Greece is not known for that).

image via buzzfeed

Hopefully the idea will someday reach the U.S., but for now, cat cafés will have to be a cat lover fantasy come true on other parts of the planet. Although, in defense of the Japanese shops, the European cafés will never feature the world’s greatest athlete.

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