Cool Travel Campaigns from Around the Web

Cool Travel Campaigns from Around the Web


Wanderlust ain’t cheap, and without a specific destination in mind, the decision towards where to take your travels can be a daunting one. Travel ad agencies are wise to flaunt their country’s best offerings, but sometimes a video with a celebrity isn’t enough. In the age of the internet and dynamic marketing, some agencies and culture lovers are taking a unique approach to bring in tourism, resulting in some of the coolest travel campaigns on the Net.

Do You Know Polska?

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If the answer is no, then “Do You Know Polska” is right for you. Poland wants to shed it’s historical image and be known for something other than Hitler’s blitzkrieg. The campaign is built around the country’s pride (Polska is the Polish name for Poland) and would like you to prove it if you really know Polska or not. If you don’t, the site is happy to teach you through a series of ┬ácaptivating pictures and the right Polish words to describe them. If you think you do, you’re challenged with a timed quiz to see how much you know. It’s all very well done and nails the aesthetic for a Facebook generation of travelers.

Athens Matters

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Athens Matters is the brain/lovechild of and Yes! Hotels. Rather than concoct a bunch of attractive videos and travel stories, WeHeart takes an approach that your liberal studies teacher would fully approve of. The feature is a series of interviews with artists and famed locals from the beloved city, delving into it’s rich historic culture and modern day appeal. The idea likely came to be as a countermeasure against the country’s bad press from the past few years. Since the casual traveler might scratch Greece off their destinations for now, might as well attract the tourists who are smart enough to realize what they’re missing out on.

My Downtown Dubai – The Center of Now

[youtube id=”W5frO-VRrL8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Downtown Dubai is an all-encompassing website meant to show off everything the city has to offer. The homepage shows an hourly timeline of different activities and places that are available throughout the day. As you scroll through you planning, the image of the cityscape changes with the appropriate daylight. Not very many other sites allow its visitors to have this much fun while figuring out what to do. As it turns out, there’s a lot going on in Dubai.



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