Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus Movie Review

Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus Movie Review


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You might be wondering, “Why is Travel Freak doing movie reviews now?” Well, we are but we’re not, but of course we would let you know about a movie that is equal parts hilarious and about travel (just like us).

This past Friday we were  lucky enough to attend a screening of the new Sebastian Silva film, Crystal Fairy & The Magic Cactus, starring Michael Cera. Not knowing much about the movie, the name was enough to make us scratch our heads. Not to mention that we had heard Michael Cera and the cast were required to take some “mysterious drug” prior and/or during the filming of this, we obviously were interested.

The story revolves around an American boy, Jamie (Michael Cera), who currently lives in Chile’s capital, Santiago, with his  roommate, Champa (Juan Andres Silva). From the beginning, you can immediately tell that the two obviously enjoy parties, going out, drinking, and taking recreational drugs. However, Jamie seems to be just a litttttle bit more into it… almost obnoxiously so.

photo credit: Lon&Queta via photopin cc
photo credit: Lon&Queta via photopin cc

At one of their parties, the duo decides to journey to the north of Chile and search for “San Pedro”. What is San Pedro, you may ask? It is also commonly referred to as peyote, the Peruvian Torch, or its scientific name, mescaline. San Pedro is, in essence, a cactus, that doubles as a hallucinogenic drug that supposedly takes you on a “spiritual journey” when cooked properly. While many do cook this cactus for its “mind-altering effects”, it is also said to have a deep history with the indigenous people of the region.

In any case, Michael Cera and his on screen friend set out on a road trip to a beach in the north of Chile, later to pick up Champa’s brothers and to Ceras’s surprise “Crystal Fairy” (Gabby Hoffman) who he accidentally invited as well in a coked out stupor the night before.

The movie was undoubtedly hilarious. With many of Cera’s laugh out loud socially awkward signature moments, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Not to mention, Chile’s ideal scenery was enough to make us even more envious.. and even curious?

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We recommend watching the film if you’re looking for a good old, lighthearted, roadtrip film that ultimately makes you examine the concept of empathy, friendship, and cultures, highlighting the relationships between the characters illicitly. This film will not only make you laugh but also invoke a deeper sense of wonder for not only the scenery (and drugs), but also for the characters themselves and the stories they have to share.

Would you seek out this mythical drug like the characters in Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus?



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