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Pic of the Day 1/22: Discovering Lima


Hola from Lima, Peru! I arrived in South America bright and early yesterday morning after a long yet pleasantly turbulent-less flight and immediately started exploring the city.

It was fitting that one of the sites I saw on my first day discovering Lima was the tomb of Francisco Pizarro, the conquistador who actually discovered the capital of modern Peru:

francisco pizarro lima

This tiled placard, which I chose for today’s picture because I’m a sucker for a nice gold detailing, commemorates Pizarro and the 13 men who decided to stay with him on his South American conquest rather than chicken out and go home to Spain. On an adjacent wall in the cathedral is a large fresco depicting Pizarro and these men draped in gold and riches

No mention of the millions of indigenous people he killed along the way, but hey, that’s colonialism for you.

There will be many more pictures to come when I return from the trip, but I’ll be sure to post a picture a day to keep you all satiated in my absence. I also plan on doing daily roundups once we leave Lima and start sailing the Pacific, so stay tuned!



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