This Dolphin Stampede is Beautiful & Terrifying

This Dolphin Stampede is Beautiful & Terrifying


A boat full of whale watchers got more than they paid for recently when the gigantic sea mammals they signed up to see were chased away by a swarm of their smaller, more bottle-nosed cousins.

During a routine whale watching trip off the coast of Dana Point, Califorinia, a┬ápod of around 1,000 dolphins gathered for a rare “dolphin stampede” during which they leaped, dived, and raced with each other and the boat in question. Being equipped with an underwater camera (and loaded with snap-happy tourists), the whole thing was captured on film and released on YouTube by Captain Dave of Captain Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Safari.

Since the people of the Internet love nothing more than natural wonders/oddities, the video quickly went viral. Check it out below, and don’t worry – the frightening speed of the dolphins and seemingly random trajectory of their jumps makes you assume that some of them were injured by the boat’s propellers, but as Captain Dave points out in the comments of the clip, “There has never been a case of a dolphin being struck by a whale-watching boat prop in the history of whale-watching in Southern California.”

Thank God.

[youtube id=”OlmDVuxerQ0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

What would you do if you encountered a dolphin stampede while whale watching?

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