FAA Investigating Harlem Shake on Plane

FAA Investigating Harlem Shake on Plane


The internet’s most annoying new fad and the idiots who perpetuate it might finally get shut down by a higher power. Not God, unfortunately — the Federal Aviation Administration is launching an investigation into several YouTube clips showing airline passengers doing the Harlem Shake on planes, specifically one video taken on an aircraft that appears to be in flight.

Just how douchey was the event in question? Let us count the ways.

Apparently, 18 college students (1) from Colorado (2) were on a Frontier Airlines flight (3) to San Diego (4) for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament (5-88) when they decided it was the perfect time to make their mark on the internet with a Harlem Shake video (89-100). Luckily, one of them had packed his full-body banana costume and an Abraham Lincoln mask for an extra little touch (100-infinity), because the clip went viral upon landing.

Hilarious, bros. Really.

Unfortunately, the FAA doesn’t find the same humor in the meme. Officials and airline experts claim that the stunt poses a threat to the safety of the passengers due to the high risk of turbulence-related injuries and the inability of the flight crew to communicate efficiently with the people in the cabin.

The bros say they’ve done nothing wrong, obviously. And in the end, they’re just excited they got to talk to CNN:

“And so it went from kind of this, kind of joking around idea among the team to something that was reality, and then it was on YouTube and there were hundreds of thousands of views and now we’re talking to you guys,” Zelin said.

The seat belt sign was off during the videotaping, which took less than a minute, team members said.

“The video is a hand-held camera, so it’s shaking and looking a lot worse than it is,” said teammate Gavin Nachbar. “So we never felt unsafe the whole time, and we hope the FAA sees it the same way, and we assume that they will.”

Take a look at the video below and try not to roll your eyes. You can also do a quick search on YouTube for other “Harlem Shake on Plane” clips, but then you’d be almost as douchey as the dude in the banana costume.

[youtube id=”xG6p0z_W2Bo” width=”600″ height=”350″]





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