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Featured Travel Review: Quest Inn Motel, Springfield, Illinois


I think we have all been there: that night, in that place, that you truly want to forget. Well, lucky enough for us, we have the brutally honest and wildly hilarious, online reviews  from the worst hotels, restaurants, attractions etc. on Earth. People take their online review privileges very seriously, and we appreciate every rant patrons provide us with. Travel Freak would like to feature some of the best of the worst reviews that all you travelers have so kindly shared with the general public. We thank you for your advice and entertainingly harsh reviews!

These reviews of Quest Inn Motel in Springfield, Illinois are compliments of Tripadvisor.com.

1. Skid Row of Motels in Springfield

“This joint is Nasty and the staff is RUDE to a fault. They are well over priced for the Slum that it is. My employer booked the room as lodging for myself. They have huge problems  with the Fire Alarm system as it goes off for almost any reason or time of night. Further they have long term renters that are on the Sexual Registry as offenders.” Read the rest of Churlish’s review at Tripadvisor!

2. They should only rent these rooms by the hour! (And probably do)

“I have stayed in some real stink holes in my time, but this one was by far the worst! When I got to my room there was marijuana stems between the sheets and it appeared the sheets had been used by a hooker just before I arrived. I also found a used tampon in the dresser drawer. When I complained to the manager, he demanded I leave and called the police…” Read the rest of ChileStuff’s review at Tripadvisor!

3. Hard to Describe How Bad it Was– Don’t Stay Here!

“We have a high tolerance for the occasional “mom & pop” or even a slightly “flea-bag” motel. This place was over our line, which was pretty low. Parked next to abandon vehicle with two flat tires, drunk approached us for beer, followed us in to the lobby and then we discovered he was a resident there, first room hadn’t been cleaned. Second room was only slightly better, large dog in next room barked, random person pounded on our door very late, hard core porn on the TV…” Read the rest of lindymae’s review on Tripadvisor!

Sorry Quest Inn Motel, but you just made the bad list!

Photo via: booking.com

Photo via: booking.com

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