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Finally, The Pizza Compass App You’ve Always Needed


Pizza Compass is a new iPhone app with the simple purpose of finding the nearest pizza place and showing you how to get there. For something so basic, the creators have made the bold claim that “This is the most important app ever made. Ever.” And you know what? We agree, and we have a bold statement of our own: Pizza Compass is the biggest thing in pizza technology since Domino’s launched that website where you can track to progress of your pizza from prep to doorstep.

Yeah. We said it.

pizza compass

We could go into how to use the app, but we’re too busy cataloging every pizza joint within a 5 block radius of the Travel Freak office. Plus, BuzzFeed already gave a rundown:

All you need to do is open the app and walk in the direction the spinning compass/slice points. You can rotate the slice to get the closest place in any direction, swipe to find more options if you’re not sold, and tap to see a map, photos or more info about a particular pizza place.

Sold on the simplicity? You can explore the app further on the Pizza Compass website and download it here for just 99 cents. And please, for the love of the ‘zah gods, watch this crazy promo video featuring a sweaty man talking animatedly with a giant slice in his hand:

[vimeo id=”63753241″ width=”600″ height=”350″]



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