Foreign Film Friday: Anchorage International Film Festival

Foreign Film Friday: Anchorage International Film Festival


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For this Friday’s installment of Foreign Film Friday we have a particularly chilly festival to bring to you! The Anchorage International Film Festival is on from December 6th through the 15th this year in Anchorage, Alaska. We weren’t kidding when we said chilly, AIFF’s catch phrase is Films to Freeze For! If film isn’t your thing, I highly suggest making an excuse to get up to Anchorage for the gorgeous scenery and welcoming people. Check out things to see and do at Anchorage’s official website. Highlights include the Northern Lights, melting glaciers and moose! The Anchorage International Film Festival serves to inspire young Alaskan filmmakers and bring the world together through brilliant cinematic experiences. Let the show begin!

1. 7 Boxes (7 Cajas) - Action/Thriller – Paraguay



This action thriller takes place in the infamous Mercado 4 (Market number 4) in the swelteringly hot temperatures of Ansuncion, Paraguay. Victor, a seventeen-year-old wheelbarrow delivery boy is offered $100 US to carry and deliver seven boxes by a mysterious man. Thinking he can make a quick buck, he decides to accept the easy job but soon things get complicated with the highly valuable packages. He is quickly caught up in a crime he has nothing to do with. The film received a 7.3/10 on IMDb.

2. Hank and Asha - RomCom – Czech Republic


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Social commentary meets romance in this love story that takes place worlds apart. An Indian student in Prague and a New Yorker fall in love but are only connected by videos they send from miles away. Hank and Asha got 8.2/10 points on IMDb.

3. Antarctica: A Year on Ice - Documentary/Adventure/Biography – New Zealand

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This visually stunning documentary gives you a view of Antarctica like you never had before. Taking place over the span of an entire year, we look into the lives of the everyday workers who make science happen at the bottom of the Earth. Antarctica: A Year on Ice received an 8.4/10 on IMDb.

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