#FriFotos: Romantic Prague

#FriFotos: Romantic Prague


We make a lot of jokes on here about being cold-hearted singletons who spit in the face of love and prepare microwaveable meals for one on the regular, but even we can appreciate a romantic destination. However, our definition of what makes a place romantic is probably different than yours. While most people think of sexy cabanas on secluded beaches or the Champs-Élysées, we imagine drafty cathedrals, intricate metalworking, and other things of general whimsy.

Why? Because in our minds, love is about as fancifully bleak as a stony tower from the 16th Century.

Based on this concept of romance, we think Prague is just about the most romantic place in the whole damn world. Just look at this facade on the Prague Castle and try not to think about a forlorn princess pining away for a prince who will never come as she hacks up a hunk of tuberculosis.

romantic prague castle

romantic prague castle towers

And just look at the gates surrounding the ominous compound! We don’t know about you, but we’d love to make out with a knight between those two scary figures before being dragged away by a violent crusader.

romantic prague castle gates

For normal people who like hearts, pink things, and standard expressions of love, the very romantic Prague has stuff for you too. Like Paris and other villes d’amour, Prague has its very own wrought iron fence upon which lame couples can clamp locks signifying their eternal love for each other. How quaint.

romantic prague locks gate

And look! A public display of heteronormativity under the city’s famous astronomical clock.

romantic prague wedding

Whoever said love is dead has clearly never been to Prague.



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