From New Jersey to Sydney in Gifs

From New Jersey to Sydney in Gifs



I really have trouble describing how amazing/crazy/scary/fun this journey has been so far. I can’t believe that I’ve been living in Australia (somewhere I’ve always wanted to go since I was little) for almost two weeks now! It’s just the beginning of an amazing adventure that will last all the way until right before Christmas. It’s the first time I’ve travelled on my own somewhere, spent my birthday in another country, and will be away from home on Thanksgiving. Because Australia is literally the farthest place I could ever go (besides the Moon and Mars of course), it was a hard decision to make, especially since I didn’t know anybody in the program. It was scary, but this (and every study away opportunity that will ever be presented to you) is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There’s been tough moments, sweet moments, lonely moments and breathtaking moments so far, and there will be a ton more throughout the semester. For now, I’ll leave you all with a gifset of my journey so far because it’s really unexplainable!

Trying to decide what to bring

deciding what to pack


 Going to the airport

going to the airport


Saying goodbye

saying goodbye


When United tried to make me check my carry-on

when united tried to make me check my carryon


On the United flight from EWR to LAX with 4 crying babies

on the united flight


Realizing that I have to get on another plane

get on another plane


For 14 hours

14 hour flight


And that I won’t be back in the USA until Christmas



When nobody sat next to me on the Qantas flight



Accessing tons of free in-flight entertainment

in flight entertainment

[reaction gifs]

Becoming a cocoon on the flight






Jet Lag



Meeting everyone at NYU Sydney!

meeting everyone


What’s your most gif-tastic moment of travel?



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