Famous Giant Rubber Duck Coming to US

Famous Giant Rubber Duck Coming to US


We’ve been following the trajectory of everyone’s favorite giant rubber duck for some time now. We were watching when it was mysteriously deflated, sending the people of Hong Kong into a panic. We had our finger on the pulse of society when countless reproductions of the public art piece (with questionable resemblance to the original) were inflated all around the world. And now, thanks to our position in the Greatest Country in the World, we are finally getting the change to see this quacking beacon of hope up-close.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. The big ass rubber duck is coming to America.

Via the Huffington Post:

Residents of the city of Pittsburgh, you are in for a treat. The giant “Rubber Duck” that’s brought joy and elation to Hong Kong is floating over to a harbor near you. Its 54 foot yellow body will navigate its way to theĀ West End Bridge on September 27, eventually roosting closer to the Sixth Street Bridge where it will remain for the following few weeks.

It’s no secret that the large inflatable bird, an absurd creation that comes to us courtesy of Dutch artistĀ Florentijn Hofman, has caused a bit of a pop culture frenzy. “Countless duck-themed products have shown up at shops and restaurants. Teenagers are wearing rubber-duck outfits, and tourist kiosks are selling rubber-duck postcards,” writes the New York Times’ Joyce Lau. “Its smiling face was even seen at the Cheung Chau bun festival, a 200-year-old tradition on an outlying island.”

We don’t live in Pittsburgh, nor have we ever had an interest in traveling to this particular notch in the Rust Belt. However, knowing that Hoffman’s giant rubber duck will be bringing happy happy joy joy to the people of the United States might just be enough to get us into southwestern Pennsylvania.

“Might” being the operative word.

Some photos of the duck, just because:


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