Gift Giving Traditions Around the World

Gift Giving Traditions Around the World


Now that you’ve had some time to assess your Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus loot, you’ve probably decided which of your gifts you want to politely return for cash behind your relatives’ backs. You’re also probably poring over your calendar for the next time your family members and loved ones are expected to buy you presents for no other reason than the fact you’re alive and have some sort of relationship with them.

Luckily, gift giving traditions around the world are not uniform and therefore you can maximize the number of gifts you receive annually by either moving abroad at strategic times of the year or just forging strong bonds with people you meet in your travels. Some might call this greedy, and they would be right. But we’re totally cool with it.

As you can see in this interactive infographic, every country has a different schedule for gift giving holidays. From the creators:

This interactive gift giving map, brought to you by Cloud 9 Living, is meant for world travelers, study abroad students, those living in or visiting a foreign country; and anyone with curiosity about cultures, traditions and etiquette standards around the world.

The map specifically covers gift giving traditions in China, India, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Italy, Sweden, Bolivia, Tibet, Morocco, Russia, Samoa, Israel and the English Commonwealth. With holidays ranging from Diwali to Christmas, and traditions from gifting yogurt to pulling on earlobes; everyone will learn something new.

So click on the image below to explore the world according to when and how people of different cultures give presents, and take detailed notes for your future reference. We’ve marked our calendar to show that we shouldn’t be expecting any freebies in April, and that the frosty winter months are the best time to score gifts.

You could use the graphic to learn more about global benevolence, but like… that doesn’t have a monetary value or come with a gift receipt.

Gift Giving Traditions Around The World



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