Tastemakers: Global Beverage Recipes by Tastemade

Tastemakers: Global Beverage Recipes by Tastemade


The internet has been abuzz over the past few days about a tween’s curling iron tutorial that goes terribly wrong. And while we leap at the chance to laugh at someone making a fool of themselves and going unnecessarily bald on small patches of their head, we’re also fond of using YouTube for good… sometimes.

One of our favorite tutorial series is “Thirsty For” by Tastemade, a California-based company that aims to facilitate global conversation about food. Every week the team adds a new recipe showcasing what they’re thirsty for (get it?) and a good chunk of them are drinks from around the world that most people have probably never heard of. For instance, have you ever had a sip of Indonesian bandrek? Didn’t think so.

These aren’t janky amateur clips, either. Whereas most people just throw poorly made home movies onto the internet and expect to get famous for their “knowledge,” Tastemade ups the ante by filming their videos with some discernibly high brow cinematography. Oh, and each clip of a worldly preparation features a kitschy soundtrack from the drink’s native land, which is just damn cool.

Our two favorite global beverage recipes from the Tastemade team are this one for Swedish blueberry concoction Blåbärssoppa:

[youtube id=”rt9shy77zPg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

And the following hot Mexican fruit punch called Ponche Navideño:

[youtube id=”bcQfsJOPVMM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Why? Because they look like they would go great with a splash of hard liquor.

Stay tuned to the Tastemade YouTube channel for “Thirsty For” updates every Monday. We know we will, because we literally have nothing better to do with our lives than watch YouTube tutorials.



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