Go Explore with Wikitude Augmented Reality Browser

Go Explore with Wikitude Augmented Reality Browser


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched “liquor near me” in Google maps on my iPhone while in my hometown of New York, let alone when I’m traveling. The results are always pretty clear with little red dots popping up on a map of my surroundings, but the Wikitude Augmented Reality browser takes searching your environs to the next level by popping everything into 3D.

And yes, I search for things other than liquor stores – that’s just the first thing that came to mind (because it’s the most frequent).

So how does Wikitude work, and why are we telling you to download it ASAP? The app uses your camera to create an “augmented reality,” which basically means you look through your phone to see places of interest highlighted right before your eyes instead of simply marked on a map. Think of it like a pair of futuristic sunglasses that turn the world around you into an interactive search engine that knows over 100 million places categorized into “Worlds.” pretty cool, right?

As for why you should put it on your phone, Wikitude has been voted “Best Augmented Reality browser” four years in a row (2009-2012) so you know you’re getting a quality product. Also: it’s free!

wikitude browser

If the 3D searching capabilities and lack of price don’t sell you, the developers of the app also boast the following features on the Wikitude iTunes page:

  • Organize and bookmark your content “Worlds” according to your preferences & lifestyle
  • Get updates and “Featured Worlds” to see what’s new and interesting
  • Find events, tweets, Wikipedia articles and ATMs
  • Find mobile coupons, deals and discounts for stores and shops near you
  • Play Augmented Reality games like Alien Attack, Swat The Fly or Bubble Tap
  • Create your very own AR World and share it with your friends, meaning you see their favorite places, and they see yours

We could talk more about Wikitude, but that would just waste precious time that you could be spending playing with it yourself. So seriously, go download it.



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