How to See London on the Cheap

How to See London on the Cheap [VIDEO]


As you can probably tell by the amount I write about drowning my sorrows in the bottom of (very worldly) bottles of booze, and by the fact that I’m a blogger, I am not a very wealthy young man. I can pay all my bills and still afford to have some semblance of a social life, but when it comes to spending frivolously outside of what’s necessary I have to make sure I don’t go overboard. That’s why I never turn down advice on monetary conservation (especially when said advice pertains to making travel more affordable) like this video of how to see London on the cheap.

In all of my time spent traipsing around Europe, I’ve always avoided London because of how damn expensive everyone tells me it is. For instance, I had a friend who studied abroad there and for 5 months she could only afford to eat pita chips and hummus for every meal – while I’m all about looking svelte on vacation by any means necessary, that bleak forced diet is just too much for me. But with these tips from Jason Cochran at Wallet Pop, I think I could figure out a London budget that would satiate my Anglophilia without draining my sad little bank account.

There are a few tips I’m a little hesitant to accept (I don’t stay in B&Bs on principle and I stay away from sandwiches that come out of cardboard boxes) but overall the video is a treasure trove of money saving tips that will have even the biggest cheapskate seeing London comfortably:

photo credit: Nina Yasmine via photopin cc



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