How to Spend a Weekend in: Donegal, Ireland

How to Spend a Weekend in: Donegal, Ireland


“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything” is one of my favorite Irish proverbs. Unfortunately, I think they forgot to mention that a trip to Donegal may also do the trick. Donegal is in northwestern Ireland and this weekend Travel Freak is featuring it as its must-go weekend getaway. Donegal is a coastal Irish city that combines all of the rich Irish culture and hospitality with the breathtaking seacliffs that make Ireland one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

How to Get There:

bus eireann



From Dublin, the most popular mode of transportation to Donegal is by bus. Bus Eireann has a number of times available to leave from various locations in Dublin and drop passengers off at various locations in Donegal. The ride is about 4 hours, which is a good bargain considering the amount of beauty that will unfold before your wee eyes throughout the trip.

Things to See:




Grianán of Aileach: This is one of the major attractions in Donegal. Grianán of Aileach is a circular stone fort that has origins dating back to times before the Celts in Ireland. Most people who come to see Grianán of Aileach are interested in the fort. What they find out when they reach the top is that the area has some of the most spectacular in Donegal.
Malin Head: Malin Head is the northerly most point of Ireland. There is not much to do at the point, but this area also has spectacular views for tourists.
Glenveagh National Park: This attraction is part park part castle. Glenveagh castle was built in the 1800’s and has been maintained since. People love to visit the castle and spend the day wandering the park grounds to find the waterfalls, cliffs, and walking paths. It is a great way to relax for a day.
Ards Forest Park: Another perfectly relaxing place in Donegal. This park ground may not have a castle, but it has beaches… enough said.

Where to Stay:

Harveys Point Hotel



Harvey’s Point: If you want to be a part of the Donegal scenery, this hotel is the place to be. Set on the water and surrounded by greenery, it is the perfect place to enjoy the famous Irish hospitality.

Other Great Places to Stay:

-Lough Eske Lake a Solis Hotel and Spa
-Beach Hotel
-Caisleain Oir Hotel
-An Grianan Hotel

Where to Eat:

Castle Murray Hotel



Castle Murray House Hotel & Restaurant: This isn’t a meal, it is a dining experience. Those who say the Irish only eat potatoes will be put to shame at Murray House.
Pearl’s Place: This is a cozy place to enjoy some good home cooking. With Irish and European influences, Pearl’s knows how to entertain.
The Village Tavern: I think everyone knows my rule by now: no coastal cities without eating some seafood. The Village Tavern has the best catch in Donegal and loves to serve its humble guests.

Where to Drink:




Logue’s Bar: Just your regular Irish Pub. Laughs and good times await all its guests.
Leo’s Tavern: The best way to spend a night in Donegal. Leo’s offers some of the best live music in town, and even better drinks.
Olde Castle Bar: A charming old timey pub in Donegal. There is nothing like spending time in a beautiful old building listening to old Irish tales.

Are you ready for the weekend of a lifetime in Donegal, Ireland?

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