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Infographic: 5 Cocktails Inspired By Cities We Love


While I enjoy professionally mixed cocktails (and the inherent drama of holding a fancy glass), I rarely order extravagant libations when I go out. For starters, all the bells, whistles and garnishes add several dollars to the tab, not to mention a frightening amount of calories. Furthermore, I rarely find myself in bars where ordering something more sassy than a shot and a beer would be met with anything other than bro rage from the inebriated clientele. But my main reason for abstaining from more complex drinks is that I haven’t found anything exciting enough to trump all these excuses – is a dirty martini really worth the bills, belly fat, and black eye?

Thanks to the booze enthusiasts at Movoto and SF Mixology, however, I may change my mind. Noting a lack of signature drinks in regional menus, the team decided to come up with a batch of brand new cocktails representing cities around the United States. Each one takes inspiration from multiple aspects of Boston, Houston, Portland, San Francisco and Washington, DC, then synthesizes the various ingredients into a perfectly representative drink. The result is a slew of new beverages that I would actually want to order during my travels, and in all likelihood would bring back home with me to New York.

There’s just one problem: I’m what some would call a devoted drinker. This small list of city-inspired cocktails simply won’t keep my attention long enough to prevent me from reverting to vodka and Diet Coke served in a red plastic cup! And that’s where you come in.

Do you have any ideas for cocktails honoring your favorite cities around the world? Would you like to try a hard beverage that embodies the spirit of Bucharest, perhaps? I know I would, so leave your original cocktail ideas in the comments and I might will give them a taste test (and you a shout out for being such a skilled mixologist).

But for now, the new cocktails for five cities that need a signature drink:



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