Home News & Culture Light Reflecting off a London Skyscraper Melts Some Dude’s Jaguar. Whoops.

Light Reflecting off a London Skyscraper Melts Some Dude’s Jaguar. Whoops.


Walkie Talkie building in London Melts car

(photo via USA Today)

London saw record heat waves this summer, and the city didn’t quite know how to handle it. Granted, anyone who spent this summer in New York would have seen the temperatures in London as cool and lovely, it was pretty hot for the city. ¬†Although no one expected it to be so hot that cars melted.

Okay, so it was just one car. But still. A car melted. Sort it out London!

Last week a man parked his Jaguar unassumingly, across the way from an under-construction London skyscraper lovingly dubbed the “Walkie Talkie” building. This new building had loads of windows. Windows perfect for reflecting the light back onto the street. And apparently melting pieces of very expensive cars.

London Walkie Talkie building melts car

(photo via BBC) 

When Martin Lindsay returned to his car a few hours after parking it, he saw someone photographing his car. When he asked the photographer what was happening he pointed out the car, stating the owner wouldn’t be happy. Lindsay realized that it was his own car being photographed. The side mirror, panels and the Jaguar badge had all melted and warped. The construction company paid for the repairs.

The construction company also realized the danger in the light reflecting off the building, and have closed off three neighboring parking lots until they can figure out a more permanent solution. Luckily, London is usually pretty grey, so designer car owners should not worry too much.

Hey, at least we know where the hot spot to sunbathe in London is now.

Just kidding, we really don’t recommend sun bathing there. Imagine the sun burn.





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