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Monument Monday: Eclectic Menagerie Park, Houston Texas



(Photo via 180-out)

If you ever find yourself in Houston, make sure to check out Eclectic Menagerie Park located on the south side of Highway 288 and Belfort Road. I’m going to Houston for a wedding in December, and this seems like a great daytime trip with friends. The off-road park contains lots of cool metal sculptures of animals, mythical creatures, and cartoon characters. It’s best that you’re hearing about this road-side park from us first because the size of these metallic sculptures have caused accidents on the highway from surprised drivers, believe it or not.


(Photo via 180-out)

 A hungry, hungry hippo


(Photo via 180-out)

Now you see why drivers tend to be really distracted when they first pass them! The caretaker has a sense of humor, placing a handful of “no trespassing” and “property protected by dog” signs around the park. No need for alarm though, the only dog in the park would be a metallic sculpture in the shape of one. The owners of Texas Pipe, a leading distributor of line pipes in the US, founded the park as a way to give back to the community. The materials the artist, Ron Lee, uses to make the sculptures are all retired company equipment and steel. The park has been growing due to the hard work of the 64-year old Lee who plans on adding more works. Interested in buying one of these sculptures? Lee has never sold one to an outside buyer and said he is more interested in creativity and scale than recognition from the Houston art world.


(Photo via 180-out)


(Photo via houstoniamag)

The next planned installation is apparently a gi-normous 10-story fishing pole that has hooked a red Mazda Protege. Creative! According to the last recorded visit, Lee had already dug an 18-foot deep foundation to hold the pole’s handle. The fishing pole project may have been completed already; I’ll find out when I go in December.

Which sculpture is your favorite?



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