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Pick Your Poison: 36 National Liquors Around the World


This handy little map of official national liquors around the world is giving me all sorts of ideas. For instance, I’m seriously considering pitching a reality show to Travel Channel in which I gallivant around to every country in the world, get drunk on their national liquor, and then see what shenanigans ensue while the cameras roll. Do you think anyone would watch that? Or, perhaps more importantly, do you think Travel Channel would pay my tabĀ andĀ provide me with a handsome salary. A guy’s gotta drink, but a guy also has to eat, people.

This tangent could go on for endless paragraphs, so before I lose you (the prospective audience for my new show!) here’s the infographic. It should be noted that some countries like whiskey-loving Canada and Ireland share a patriotic hooch, and that Australia is fraudulently trying to pass off beer as a national liquor. Foster’s may be “Australian for beer,” but it is not liquor you lying Aussie crooks!

Again, a tangent to be saved for another time and place. So without further interruption, the national liquors around the world:

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  1. Hi there. Once again your graphic is VERY POORLY researched. What is your definition of “Liquor” actually?
    Liquor means it’s destilled.
    Beer or Wine are NOT distilled.
    Also, why is beer the main beverage or as you say “liquor” of Australia, but not of Germany? Sense much?
    The graphic looks nice, but once you start reading it, it just makes you wonder if there is any kind of knowledge behind this.
    Why is it “Schnapps” in Germany and “Schnaps” in Austria? Germany and Austria BOTH speak German. Why a different spelling? To make it look more interesting in spite of the poor research?
    Schnaps (NO double p. That’s American.) actually means “LIQUOR”. Any kind of liquor. DUH! I want to see you go to a bar in Germany and order “Schnaps”. I bet you study Culture.
    Furthermore: Champagne? Vino? Seriously? Those aren’t liquors either.
    Also you even contradict yourself on the graphic whilst putting “Beer” in Australia as a liquor and then saying that 45% of the world’s alcohol is enjoyed in the form of liquor, second to that comes BEER.
    What the hell, dude?
    I usually never write any comments no matter how enraging the stuff I see is but I am just disappointed how this can be on a homepage that claims to be for travelling. Fail I’d say.

    Before I saw where the author is from I knew it must be the US. Schnapps.
    (Also this is not all but I’ll stop at this point..)

    • You can go ahead and take up your issues with the people who actually made the infographic. If you read it you would note that it was produced by a site called tm6.net, which is not us – we are Travel Freak, merely messengers. We’re sorry you didn’t comprehend that when looking over this silly map designed and discussed for entertainment purposes. Have a great day!

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