Not Without My Chicken: KFC Smuggled Into Gaza Through Underground Tunnels

Not Without My Chicken: KFC Smuggled Into Gaza Through Underground Tunnels


I have a tale to tell: I would drive to my local KFC almost every day after high school to have a pre-dinner meal of popcorn chicken, but then one day I noticed my belt was becoming alarmingly tight and I have to stop this savory ritual. My taste buds longed for the greasy, crunchy chicken bits, but no matter how badly I wanted them, I couldn’t bring myself to mosey over to the drive thru. I haven’t had a piece of KFC chicken in almost 7 years, and I miss it dearly.

Anyway, in completely unrelated news, KFC is still delicious and people are smuggling it from Egypt to hungry folks in the Gaza Strip via underground tunnels.

Via the Christian Science Monitor:

The al-Yamama company advertises its unorthodox new fast-food smuggling service on Facebook. It gets tens of orders a week for KFC meals despite having to triple the price to 100 shekels ($30) to cover transportation and smuggling fees. The deliveries go from the fryers at the Al-Arish KFC joint 35 miles away to customers’ doorsteps in about three hours.

The fact that the tunnels operate quickly and cheaply enough for the Colonel’s secret recipe to be enjoyed in the tightly controlled Gaza Strip shows just how much of a sieve the Egypt-Gaza border has become.

The smugglers of al-Yamama are more used to bringing bulk foods, construction materials, and even people through the border-crossing tunnels, but since Israel recently relaxed the embargo it placed on the Gaza Strip, the premium that the contraband carriers could charge for such basic goods has gone down. They’ve now moved onto luxury items to make their profit – and to some, a bucket of KFC with a side of mashed potatoes is as precious as gold.

“All you need to have any KFC product is a short phone call and a few hours, then you can enjoy the great taste of fried chickens,” one happy customer told the reporter. “It has been a dream, and this company has made my dream come true.”

I completely understand, my Palestinian friend.



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