People of the World, Spice Up Your Life: London Locations from Spice...

People of the World, Spice Up Your Life: London Locations from Spice World


It’s that time of year again! Oh how time does fly. If you haven’t started planning how you’ll celebrate another anniversary of the release of Spice World, and I know you’ll all be partying it up, here to get you inspired and excited is a reminder of Spice related London landmarks that the ladies visited during this 1997 cinematic masterpiece.

All aboard the Spice Bus! Still in perfect condition and completely safe.

spice bus

 Photo via PopCrunch

When the Spice Girls are reunited by chance at their beloved Rendezvous Pub, where they sang for fun before they were famous, only to find that it has closed down, the entire world lost control of its emotions forever (fact). While that pub specifically is obviously not a place anyone can visit now, there are actually various pubs and bars by the name of Rendezvous in London. My suggestion, if you ever find yourself on a trip to England, would be to drink at all of them until you are convinced that the strangers next to you are the Spice Girls and then proceed to reminisce with them about how great the ’90s were. It’ll be fine. No one will judge you at all.

rendezvous bar

Photo via Rendezvous Bar

The girls were much too busy preparing for the show and trying to escape from those crazy photographers to stop in for a proper tea, but they waved to the Queen and Princes as the Spice Bus barreled by the Buckingham Palace.


Photo via Visit London

While the Queen was understanding of their over scheduled stay in London, these aliens were much less concerned with time and demanded a souvenir photo to take home. To be fair to the aliens, who doesn’t take souvenir photos in London? Especially if the Spice Girls are near.

spice aliens

 Photo via webzdarma

Who could forget the jump over the the famous Tower Bridge? I know Victoria Beckham probably hasn’t.

posh driving

 Photo Via Senyorita 

tower bridge

 Photo via Photographic Walks

Luckily the girls ended up making it just in time to the Royal Albert Hall for their big performance.

spice world show

 Photo via Black Coke Smoke

royal albert hall

Photo via Chauffeur UK

So is anyone else going to dress up with go-go boots on this day? No? Just me? That’s Alright.

Seriously though, are you dancing yet?



  1. OMG! Haha the Spice Girls were the reason why I wanted to go to the UK as a child. It was surreal when I finally managed to visit (since my mom and brother are now based there).

    They should’ve turned that Spice Bus into a Spice Cafe…

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