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Photo of the Day: Frozen Bubbles in the Canadian Rockies


frozen bubbles

Photo via Emmanuel Coupe

Each winter at the man made Abraham Lake in Canada, at the foot of the Canadian Rockies, underwater plants release methane gas which gets trapped under the ice in the form of bright white ice bubbles. This rare phenomenon occurs usually during the months from November through March when the lake is frozen. In the beginning when just the surface is frozen the methane bubbles float to the top and freeze there at the cold surface, but as the winter goes on and gets colder the water becomes frozen deeper and deeper it locks the bubbles in place and creates a stacking appearance. It’s no wonder that this winter event attracts photography and nature enthusiasts from around the world every year, it almost doesn’t look real.

The Canadian Rockies are a segment of the vast Rocky Mountains range which extends from Interior Plains of Alberta to the Rocky Mountain Trench of British Columbia, making up the eastern part of the Canadian Cordillera. Abraham Lake was created in 1972, at the foot of the Canadian Rockies at the upper course of the North Saskatchewan River, because of the construction of the Bighorn Dam. It lines David Thompson Highway which not only makes it fairly easy for tourists and travelers to visit but also leaves a spectacular view for anyone driving by any time of year, as even though it was man made it still displays the bright blue color of the natural glacial lakes because of  rock flour, when it isn’t frozen and filled with ice bubbles.

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Would you like to visit the Canadian Rockies in the winter to see this spectacular site?




    • Exactly! Just year round travel :D I bet it’ll be much nicer weather in May though haha. I hope you have fun!

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