Photo of the Day: The Future of Hamburg, Germany

Photo of the Day: The Future of Hamburg, Germany


hamburg car free

Photo via True Activist 

Hamburg is enthusiastically going green… extremely green. The city in northern Germany has proudly announced it’s plans to decrease major roads and highways and replace them with public green space, so much so that at the end of the project almost half of the city will be taken up by public parks and pedestrian / cyclist routes. While cars will never be banned, the intention is that within 20 years it would be completely plausible and easy for citizens and tourists alike to be able to access any part of the city from any other part without ever using a car, and the hope is that they will all jump on board and do so. So if Hamburg wasn’t on your travel bucket list before, it probably should be added right now. Just imagine a spring vacation in a city that is around 40% public and free parks and picnic locations, hiking destinations, gardens (including one’s where food for the city can be grown), and even areas for swimming and water sports, and not to mention the fresh, clean air.

This awesome plan has benefits that reach far beyond an environmental friendly and sustainable  way of life, it will also be a big plus for the local economy. Not only will people be saving the money that they used to spend on fuel and car maintenance, but much of the new green space and pedestrian routes are set to have plenty of available spots for new shops and restaurants to move in and catch all of that local and tourist foot traffic, and splurging on your diet and eating out more often won’t seem like such a big deal if you’ve been walking or riding your bike everywhere, every day. So to sum things up, in the next 20 years Hamburg’s revamping plan will improve and protect the environment, boost the economy, and lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle for it’s citizens and visitors… okay… why isn’t every big city following Germany’s good example? This seems like the right bandwagon to jump on.

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    • I think it’s kind of new for them still, but it’s great to see how far they are taking it! Thanks for reading :D

  1. This is so cool and such a brilliant idea. I suspect that Hamburg will be hitting the top of the list for happiest cities within a few years of this being completed.

    • I think you’re right, especially during the nice weather months I think people are just going to feel great all the time because of this. I wish more cities would give it a try, I can’t wait to go and see how it turns out. Thanks for reading!!

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