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Photo of the Day: An Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius


An underwater waterfall? Can it really be?

underwater waterfall

 Photo via ScienceBlogs

Nope! It can’t. But it looks like it and that’s awesome enough. The island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, where this incredible site can be found, is sitting on the southern edge of the Mascarene Plateau. The plateau is fairly new and mostly underwater, making the ocean in most places around the island just about 8 to 150 meters deep. What we’re seeing in the picture, what creates this grand illusion of an underwater waterfall, is actually falling sand not falling water. Since the island is at the edge of the plateau, some of the sand that gets swept from the shore into the ocean ends up at a sudden drop from the 150 meters deep to thousands of meters deep. The water is just super clear in this area and so, especially from an aerial view, the sand can be seen falling over the edge of the plateau.

Mauritius is about 2,000 km off the Southeast coast of Africa and the country consists of multiple islands, but the island of Mauritius itself is the only one with a spectacular site like this. It has an international airport and pretty much excellent beach weather all year long. Aside from water activities and viewing the edge of the plateau by air or by boat, Mauritius is also the home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and beautiful inland territory with mountains with hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities. Needless to say it is an extremely popular tourist destination, however because of it’s year round great weather and the multiple islands to choose from it isn’t known for getting overly crowded. This is definitely one to push towards the top of your travel bucket lists, and start saving up ASAP!

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