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Stupid or Cool? Red Bull Storm Chase 2013


In my personal experience, people who drink Red Bull on a regular basis are certifiably insane. This feeling has been confirmed by the footage from the Red Bull Storm Chase below:

Ten of the world’s best windsurfers from eight countries completed a demanding competition in Kerry, Ireland during the first mission of the Red Bull Storm Chase – the most-challenging windsurfing contest of all time. Despite recorded storm-force gusts of up to 74 knots (137kmh) and fierce 20-ft waves, after possibly the most radical day in windsurfing history the top 6 surfers move on to the second mission.

Just so we’re all clear: these avid windsurfers (strike 1) spent over a year waiting for a the “perfect storm” to arise (strike 2) so that they could go into the ocean and play around in it (strike 3). Apparently there was some sort of judging system for the event, because six of the ten windsurfers “moved on” to the next round – which will occur sometime after March 22 with no set date because they have to wait for another storm. Another vague date will be set after July 22, and the winner of that round will earn the title “King of the Storm Chase.” Apparently they don’t let women participate, but gosh, the winning bro must be so proud.

I never thought that being a competitive windsurfer would be a gateway to spontaneous travel opportunities, but now that I know about the Red Bull Storm Chase, perhaps I should strap on my douche hat and start practicing for next year’s event. Who knows where I could end up with the wind as my guide and a poisonous energy drink as my only sustenance!