Retro-Inspired Travel Posters Starring Mythical Beasts

Retro-Inspired Travel Posters Starring Mythical Beasts


Forget about gorgeous weather, beaches, museums and culture, we all know traveling is all about hunting down local urban legends – well, at least artist Fernando Reza portrays it that way! Back in September we posted a roundup of vintage Trans World Airlines (TWA) posters by David Klein, and these retro-inspired posters by Reza are similar in style with a whole lot of added whimsy.

Reza’s creative ads for the non-existent TWA invite tourists to travel to various destinations, like Puerto Rico, Loveland, Ohio, Manhattan, and Scotland with eye-catching graphics depicting their respective urban legends – mythical beasts like Bigfoot, El Chupacabra, and the Lochness Monster. Because nothing makes me want to hop on a plane more than the thought of running into creepy monsters that may or may not exist. I’ve seen Finding Bigfoot – it could happen.

In all seriousness though, these faux-vintage posters definitely highlight an aspect of travel that usually goes untouched except for in bad-but-addictive TV shows. Check them out below:

Retro TWA Poster Chupacabras of Puerto Rico

Retro TWA Poster Bigfoot Country

Retro TWA Poster Frogman of Loveland Ohio

Retro TWA Poster Lochness Monster in Scotland

Retro TWA Poster Alligators in Manhattan

Retro TWA Poster Fairy Gardens Derbyshire England



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