Awesomely Illegal Photos from Atop Egypt’s Great Pyramid

Awesomely Illegal Photos from Atop Egypt’s Great Pyramid


What is it about Russians that makes them so prone to law breaking? One must assume it has something to do with a deeply rooted suspicion of authority that sprouted from a long history of oppression. But instead of getting into a discussion on the sociopolitical impacts on the post-Soviet psyche, let’s just cut to the chase: a group of vagabond Russians climbed to the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza, an act that can get you locked up for three years in a seedy Egyptian prison, because YOLO.

The team of photographers reportedly hid for upwards of four hours until the area had closed and the majority of the pyramids’ guards had gone home for the night, then made a beeline for top of the ancient structure to take some amazing photographs and soak up the view. We’re not sure if they can be retroactively punished for this crime based on their stunning photographs, but with every hope they can’t, we decided to publish their images. If they can still be charged, well… sorry for blowing up your spot, dudes.

Take a look at some of their photos below, and pray to various Siberian deities to be granted even an ounce of the balls it took to pull off this feat.





pyramid 2


images via Mister-Marat, EnglishRussia, Gawker



  1. As cool as these pictures are, there is a reason you aren’t supposed to do it. Our pollutants have cause irreversible damage and this only exacerbates it. Though I can’t say I’m not jealous!

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