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Pic of the Day 1/23: Sea Life in Pisco


Good morning to all you sad sacks who are starting your day with a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee at your bleak desk. I, on the other hand, am waking up to the balmy summer air in Pisco, Peru, looking down at these jellyfish below my balcony and contemplating tossing them a grape to see what happens.

sea life in pisco jellyfish

Apparently, the coast off of Pisco has a unique landscape that makes it a hotbed for ecological activity. In a few short hours my travel companion and I will be boarding a smaller boat to head out to Ballestas Island, a nature preserve that we’re told is like a distant cousin of the Galapagos Islands.

That could just be the cruise folks trying to sell us on it, though, so we’ll keep you posted with a full report once we’re back.

Since we’re on the topic of water, there is one thing I’d like to point out that has shifted my expectations of cruises (being a first time cruiser and all) – you can definitely feel the ship moving. I thought it would be like standing in any old building on land since it’s so large. Instead it’s like standing on a large bridge during gale force winds: steady, but lots of rocking.

We think we’ve finally figured out the internet here, so stay tuned for more updates from South America as our trip progresses!



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